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This site will direct you to the proper website and service based business to meet your particular needs. Laurie offers two types of services. LMFT counseling with hypnotherapy, EFT ad EMDR is for California residents only. Read more and book via www.counselingscottsvalley.us.

Readings and Coaching for humans and animals is offered globally via www.animiracles.com.

Please note that people may receive services from one of these service-based businesses only. The two businesses may not be used together.


Dr. Laurie Moore's updated bio is listed at: www.animiracles.com/about.cfm
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Laurie Moore, PhD

(831) 477-7007


Degrees, Certificates & Trainings


  • PhD: Expressive Arts Psychology, Summit University 1999

  • MA: Expressive Arts Therapy, Lesley College 1996

  • BA: Community Studies, University of California at Santa Cruz 1992

  • AA: English Literature & Dance, Bard College 1982

  • Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT), California 2001,

  • Certified Hypnotherapist (CHT), California, 1991

  • EMDR I California 2002 

  • Possibilities DNA (certified), California 2003

  • Advanced Animal Communication, Paws and Claws Sanctuary 2004
  • Yoga Teacherís Training Level I, Kali Ray Tri Yoga 1986
  • Massage Certification, Twin Lakes College of Healing Arts 1987
  • Studies in Waldorf Education, Emerson College England 1984
  • Studies in Montessori/ Evolutionary Education, Legacy International 1985
  • Internships with Childrenís Creative Response to Conflict, California 1987; The Resource Center fro Non-Violence, California 1987; Lipton Day Treatment, Massachusetts 1994; The University of Vermont Counseling Center 1995; Elysium, California 1995


Please note:
After completing master's level graduate work at Lesley College and interning at The University of Vermont I desired to continue my graduate studies in Expressive Arts Therapy. At the time there was not one existent PhD program in the USA on this topic. Fulfilling my LMFT requirements was valuable but did not satiate my desire to learn in hands on way that would serve others. I was not drawn to strictly clinical studies. A professor and supervisor noted that I had developed my own approach and philosophy of Expressive Arts Therapies combining the spiritual, practical, intellectual, emotional and psychological and suggested I continue to do so. I found a school that worked with me to develop my own curriculum which combined theory, design, implementation of programs and a dissertation. My PhD is in Expressive Arts Psychology and is not medical in nature.


Television appearances
As an expert on relationship & emotional health 2002-2004


  • Fox News Live (National News)
    An expert relationship therapist gives you creative and uplifting insight in how to prevent affairs in marriage. 

  • .The O'Reilly Factor (#1 Cable News Show USA)
    An expert marriage family therapist's view on sex, intimacy, addiction, women.

  • The Ricki Lake Show (Fox TV USA & International)
    An expert marriage family therapist gives assistance on a couple's marriage choice.

  • The John Walsh Show (NBC TV)
    An expert relationship specialist's view on intimacy and communication.

  • Ron Montana Show (California, Television)
    An expert Licensed Marriage Family Therapist teaches how to turn shyness into confidence.

  • Santa Cruz Community Television (Santa Cruz, California)
    An expert relationship therapist and spiritual teacher produces her own shows on a variety of hot topics.



Radio appearances
As an expert on relationship & emotional health 2002-2004


  • The Frankie Boyer Show (Syndicated Nationwide)
    An expert resident therapist talks on recovery in betrayal in marriage.

  • Seeing Beyond (San Francisco, CA)
    An expert resident therapist talks about relationships, practical solutions, spiritual creativity, and emotional health.

  • The Joe Franklin Show (New York, NY)
    A relationship author talks about creativity and intimacy.

  • Vibrant Living (Monterey, California)

    The Expressive Therapies Doctor talks on relationships and emotional health.

  • The Wave  (Los Angeles, CA)

    An expert on relationship psychology outlines the one minute solution to years of arguments.

  • In The Company of Angels (Monterey, CA)
    An expert on expressive psychology talks about relationships, spirituality, and emotional health.

  • Dolphinville.com (International Internet Radio)
    An expert on communication discusses lessons of the heart, taught by dolphins, whales, felines, and birds as applied to human relationships.



     Details of Television and Radio Topics Presented (click here) ...



Magazine and Newspaper Interviews


  • The Santa Cruz Sentinel (California)
    The Women In Business Expo 2004 features Dr.Laurie Moore's philosophy on creating miracles.

  • Good Times (Santa Cruz, California)
    Author Laurie Moore discusses creativity and practicality combined: the relationship improvement solution.

  • The Santa Cruz Sentinel (California)
    Author Laurie Moore discusses relationships and her book, Creative Intimacy.

  • The Santa Cruz Sentinel (California)
    Laurie Moore is interviewed on her internationally growing reputation.




  • Creative Intimacy: A Practical guide to Better Relationships,
    Frog Ltd, Publisher

More info... 

As of May 28, 2006 Dr. Laurie Moore has a variety of new books, DVDs and workbooks coming out on topics of animal communication, evolved human communication, miracle manifestation and spiritual awakening. Stay posted to www.animalintuitivereadings for info or join the free eZine list via Ezine@DrLaurieMoore.com.


Public Speaking


  • Keynote Speaker American Singles, California. 
    A relationship expert outlines seven compatibility areas.

  • Peoples Enrichment Program at Dominican Hospital
     Choosing a Life Mate Wisely: Seven Significant Steps

  • Private Workshops in Scotts Valley and Soquel, CA
    - Choosing a Life Mate Wisely: Seven Seven Significant Steps
    - Creative Authenticity: How to take a leap in any area of life, land on your feet, &   remain in your heart
    Miracles Now: Eight Steps to Guaranteed Success and Happiness

  • Camouflage
    Electrify Your Romance

  • Gateways Books
    Creative Intimacy: A Practical Guide for Better  Relationships

  • East West Book Shop
    Creative Intimacy: A Practical Guide for Better Relationships

  • Five Branches Institute of Acupuncture
    Building a Practice with Ethics and a Joyful Heart

  • The Healing Connection
    - Turn shyness to Confidence Overnight
    - Turn Problems into Solutions with Creativity and Practicality

  • Relaxation Resources
    -Lockheed Martin: Cross Cultural Communication Success

      -Seagate: Assistance at relaxing while you Work

       -Borland: Dealing with Grief and Loss of a co-worker

  • The Awareness Network
    - Turn Shyness to Confidence Overnight
    - Turn Problems into Solutions with Creativity and Practicality
    - A Formula for Accelerating Therapy by 80%

  • Monterey Bay Holistic Health Institute
    Miracles Now: Eight Steps to Guaranteed Success and a Joyful Journey

  •  Relationship Coaching Institute
    Choosing a Life Mate Wisely: Seven Significant Steps
    - Miracles Now: Eight Steps to Guaranteed Success and Happiness
    - Formulas for reducing therapy time by 80%
    - The Difference between Addiction and  Pleasure
    - Overcoming Self Defeating Relationship Habits
    - How to STOP Choosing the Wrong Mate Over and Over



Magazine Articles (2000-2004)


  • Readers Digest (National, Press)
    Interview: A relationship expert's view on intimacy, romance, and sex.

  • Redbook Magazine (National, Press)
    Interview: A marriage family therapist's expertise on the psychology of healthy romance, and successful marriages.

  • Today's Black Women
    Published article: When to Stay and When to Leave a Relationship

  • Claudia (#1 Women's' Magazine in Brazil)
    Interview: A Doctor of Expressive Therapies discusses the relationship between good communication and satisfying sex, romance, and love.

  • Connection Magazine
    Regular Column: Letters to Dr. Laurie Moore: Choosing a Life Mate Wisely, Eight Steps to Guaranteed Happiness, Expressive Arts Therapies, Overcoming self Defeating Problems, Shyness to Confidence Overnight, Love is Created With Gratitude. Turn Despair into Triumph, Turn Problems into Solutions with Fun, Throw Victim-hood out the Window, When you have  a Relationship Issue You have a Personal Issue, Love and Practicality Combined, Practicality and Spirituality Combined, Love Based Solutions to Body Problems, Releasing Self Defeating Problems, Miracle Manifestation, Romantic Personality Types, When to Stay and when to Leave a relationship.

  • Paws and Claws
    Published article: The Value of Language,
    Published article: The Cat's Reincarnation

  • Possibilities
    Published articles: Choosing a Life Mate Wisely: Seven Significant Steps,
    Is it her or me: Who's causing this problem?

  • Women's National
    Published articles: Seven Steps in Choosing a Life Mate Wisely

  • Conscious Singles
    Published Articles: Healthy Sex, Communication as Foundation for Longevity, Choosing a Life Mate Wisely, One Minute Solutions to Years of Arguing. Miracles Now: Eliminate Self Defeating Problems Today

  • JanMakeup.com

  • Published article: Answers to Women's  Questions



Teaching and Lecturing


  • San Francisco State University
    Expressive Arts Therapy for MA in Counseling Psychology Program

  • University of Vermont
    Creativity and Practicality as Solutions to Communication Problems for MA and PhD interns

  • Johnson State College
    Expressive Arts Therapy for MA in Counseling Psychology Program
    Esalen Institute, Big Sur
    Creative Intimacy:  Focuses: Choosing a Life mate wisely, Overcoming self Esteem issues, Successful practical business with integrity of heart, Taking a huge Step in Life, Career, Spirituality, Overcoming Self Defeating Problems

  • Mt. Madonna Retreat Center
    Creative Intimacy: Focuses: Couples' Issues, Men's' issues, Women's' Issues, Creating Miracles with Practical and Joyous Steps

  • Harbin Hot Springs
    Creative Intimacy: Focuses: Sex, Intimacy, Creativity, and Healthy Communication

  • Chico State University
    Expressive Arts Therapies for Undergraduate Psychology Students, Teachers, Continuing Education LMFTS and Social Workers

  • Santa Clara University
    Expressive Arts Therapy for MA program in Counseling Psychology

  • Privately Taught in Soquel, CA

  • Continuing Education for LMFTS:: Relationships, Accelerated Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy

  • University of California at Santa Cruz
    Relationships and Communication for Wellness Department



 Counseling Prior to Private Practice 1995-2000


  • Lipton Day Treatment

  • University of Vermont

  • Elysium

  • Middlebury Counseling Center




Arts (1988-2001)


  • Artshub: Resident performance artist teacher and director artist in  San Jose and
    Cupertino public schools: drama, music, dance teacher

  • Santa Cruz Dance Collective: Performer, writer, musician

  • Spa Fitness: Yoga teacher

  • GOTME (Gardens of The Muscular Earth Theatre Troup): Director, writer, performer, musician

  • Short Story & poetry writer for variety of literary journals and magazines (local and national)

  • Emandal: Director of performance arts

  • Colorado Mountain Ranch: Director of vegetarian kitchen and music

  • Singer & Songwriter: numerous benefits, cafes, concerts including Rocky Mountain Peace Center, Pacific Cultural center, Loudon Nelson, etc.

  • Gateways: after school teacher of music, drama, and dance

  • Producer, writer, performer of CD, audio, video entertainment & education

  • Middlebury Middle School: Performance Art Director



Personal Interests


  • Meditation (practicing & teaching)

  • Yoga (practicing & teaching)

  • Dancing

  • Singing, Chanting, and Songwriting (practicing and leading)

  • Poetry and Short Story Writing

  • Nature & Animals

  • Painting






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