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    Letters of Recommendation

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Kristin Love Nemzer, LMFT
406 Mission Street, Suite E
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

January 10, 2009

To Whom it May Concern:

I have worked with Laurie Moore over the course of several years. She was my supervisor when I was getting my intern hours and I have also attended several of her workshops. I can recommend her highly as a teacher and I can only imagine that she would benefit your institution greatly with her wisdom, her manner, and her professionalism.

I interviewed many potential supervisors when I was an intern. I wanted to find someone who had a balance of skill, common sense, alternative thinking, and ethics. Laurie Moore fit the bill and we worked together until I was licensed in 2006. I was always impressed by how she encouraged me to grow as a therapist and as a person in the way I thought about my clients and the way I worked with them in my sessions. I think she’s a very skilled clinician.

I also attended several of her workshops. Not only were her workshops always FULL of interesting people and topics, but they helped me to work through some personal issues that were keeping me stuck as a mom, as a wife, and as a human being. Her wisdom has benefited me greatly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my work with Dr. Laurie Moore. I can only say great things about her and her work.

Thank you,

Kristin Nemzer


Laurie Moore, Ph.D.

A major focus of the University of Vermont Counseling and Testing Center has always been on clinical training. During 1995-96 LAURIE MOORE joined the internship staff of twenty-one members, all of who were in psychology, mental health counseling, or social work. Ms. Moore was the exception, with her major in Expressive Therapy from Lesley College in Boston, a school we held in high esteem.

Our clinical staff was clear that the Center’s strength lay in the counseling and psychotherapy needs of our clients, and that this would be the focus of our supervision with Ms. Moore. At the same time, we would encourage and help her develop the expressive therapy techniques she brought with her. The combination proved to be very successful, and as I review the semester evaluations and letters of recommendation that were written for Ms. Moore, it is clear that she excelled. I also remember her very well as outstanding.

Excerpts from 1996:

–“A major strength of Laurie’s work is her awareness of cultural and sociological factors in an individual. Her intelligence, empathy and creativity allow Laurie to design and carry out appropriate treatments for....(listed diverse clients)”

–“Ms. Moore brings a strong sense of professionalism to her work. She has excellent experience leading groups, and is clear about guidelines and boundaries...”

–In answer to an evaluation question: Was the intern open to feedback and to reflecting on his/her own process? “Yes, Laurie showed honesty and courage in exploring her issues appropriately, as related to her client’s work.”

–“Laurie is developing an original conceptualization of a counseling/expressive therapy framework.”

–“Laurie often brings up ethical issues and is very focused on her clients’ well-being.“

–“She may well be a leader in the developing field of traditional counseling combined with expressive therapy.”

In reviewing Laurie Moore’s file, I very often came across the terms “intelligent,” “creative” and “competent.” She read widely and applied insights thoughtfully, but never utilized an expressive technique just to try it on a client; they were always well designed and appropriate. We considered Ms. Moore to be on the leading edge of mental health treatment, and I am very pleased to see that she continues to be.


Kay Frances Schepp, Ed.D.

Licensed Psychologist-doctorate January 20, 2009






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