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This site will direct you to the proper website and service based business to meet your particular needs. Laurie offers two types of services. LMFT counseling with hypnotherapy, EFT ad EMDR is for California residents only. Read more and book via www.counselingscottsvalley.us.

Readings and Coaching for humans and animals is offered globally via www.animiracles.com.

Please note that people may receive services from one of these service-based businesses only. The two businesses may not be used together.

  Press Release

An interview with Dr. Laurie Moore, regarding her expanded career as an animal intuitive, by Mike De Give is found in GTWeekly.com in the January 11, 2006 issue under A & L.


Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 11, 2004


Dr. Laurie Moore to address 8 steps to Guaranteed Success and Happiness at the Women's Expo.

- By Beth Volz

Laurie Moore, PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist, specializes in miracles. In practice for 10 years, seven of them in Santa Cruz, she has helped countless clients to create lives that are filled with peace, love, wellness and other elements that form a fulfilling, high-quality life.


Following the publication of her first book, Creative Intimacy, she was featured on such popular television programs as The O’Reilly Factor, Ricki Lake, Fox News Live and the John Walsh Show. She also appeared on local radio programs, “In the Company of Angels” and “Seeing Beyond.” She has also been interviewed in numerous magazines,  including Reader’s Digest and Redbook.


“My work is really heart-based,” says Dr. Moore, and she uses a broad spectrum of modalities, from traditional psychotherapy to channeling, hypnotherapy, miracles coaching and shamanic journeys, to name a few. “We have the opportunity – a practical, realistic opportunity – to create a life of unconditional joy, unconditional peace and unconditional love,” she says.


Dr. Moore explains that people often lock themselves into patterns and experiences in life based on premises that are not necessarily true. Citing quantum physics, Dr. Moore asserts that scientists are now beginning to understand what mystics and visionaries already know: “What we experience and find in our outer world is a mirror of what we believe to be true in our inner world,” she says. She adds that we can create realities that are fulfilling by focusing on solutions, rather than problems. “Where we focus is where we end up,” she says. “If you focus on your problems over and over, you will keep getting problems.”


In her keynote speech at the Women’s Expo on (date?) Dr. Moore will discuss eight steps to guaranteed success and happiness.


Dr. Moore outlines several philosophies that are central to her work:

  • You can prove that anything is true. There will always be evidence. So choose joy, love and gratitude as true and watch how your life changes.

  • You become what you focus upon, so focus upon the solution instead of the problem.

  • Essentially everything is unconditional. Experiences choose you because you call for them. You choose an emotional state and create experiences from that choice, although you are taught to believe it is the other way around. Would you like to choose unconditional negativity or unconditional peace?

  • What you seek is inside you. It lives in your genetic coding. This is a practical guidepost as well as a mystical experience.

  • The opportunity for unconditional success and happiness exists in each moment because the unconditional exists in you. Listen to the animals, elements and plants for this wisdom. Listen inside yourself for this experience.


In addition to working with clients on an ongoing basis, Dr. Moore also offers “The Intensive,” a 10-hour workshop conducted over a weekend in Soquel. “People come for a turnaround in their lives and it’s been very effective,” she says. One client in particular called Dr. Moore following an Intensive workshop to tell her that it turned her whole life around. ”People have told me that they experience more self-love, their career takes off or they have quit self-defeating habits,” says Dr. Moore. She also conducts workshops at Esalen, Mt. Madonna and Harbin Hot Springs.


Look for Dr. Moore’s two newest books due out next year: Intelligent Love, Choosing a Life Mate Wisely, is based on a class she has taught through Dominican Hospital’s Personal Enrichment Program (PEP). The Cat’s Reincarnation and Other Acts of Divine Benevolence is a compilation of stories of inspiration and lessons she has learned from animals. She will be offering a mini channeling and mini books based on the book at the Women’s Expo.


Article from Santa Cruz Sentinel








1. You can turn shyness to confidence overnight.

2. You can avoid a divorce by knowing your partner’s romantic uniqueness.

3. You can turn years of arguments into positive solutions in one minute.

4. You will create the most durable solutions to relationship challenges with gratitude.

5. When you take charge of releasing a self defeating pattern, you automatically make room for a relationship miracle.


"Dr. Laurie Moore understands the secrets of enhancing relationships with creativity, and she shares those secrets in this beautiful new book.  Read and be inspired!"
 -Kathlyn and  Gay Hendricks, authors of Conscious Living and the Conscious Heart


Called the “millennium guru on relationships” by her clients, Laurie Moore, shows how to say goodbye to painful romantic stalemates in her author debut title, CREATIVE INTIMACY: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BETTER RELATIONSHIPS (Frog, Ltd. Publishing). Positive solutions-oriented, Dr. Moore spells out the A-B-C’s for making relationships easy, spontaneous and fun.  John Gray, Ph.D. (MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS), says of CREATIVE INTIMACY, “Anyone who is committed to experiencing a healthy and happy relationship will benefit from this book.”


Chockfull of fresh perspectives for improving communications in relationships, Dr. Moore makes a compelling case with her unique new approach, helping couples to become happier and more loving. In Dr. Moore’s sensitive delivery, she demonstrates how everyone has untapped abilities to alter problems in pleasurable and positive ways. Solving relationship difficulty, to achieving relationship joy, is a practice everyone can learn. Where she takes the reader: to the wonder and empowerment of a fulfilling partnership.

Holding a Ph.D. in Expressive Psychology, Dr. Moore asserts, “This book is for all those who wish to experience the relationship of their dreams. As I illustrate by applying some different, easy-to-do techniques, this ‘dream relationship’ is certainly possible for people to have, live and keep.”


In her new book, Dr. Moore not only identifies what romantic partners truly need and want from each other, but has also developed an alternate way for partners to relate to each other by first recognizing their personal creative style. A better description, Dr. Moore breaks down this style into twelve distinct “Creative Personality Types.” Her end goal: making the idea of self-awareness, gratitude, and mutual understanding, a common-ground practice for achieving joyful intimacy in relationships.

“I learned from my own life that I could change any problem by changing my role in the situation. When I changed my way of participating in the story of my life, everyone around me changed as well. I began to make better choices and my experience with relationships went from frustrating and entangling, to joyful and easy,” says Dr. Moore. “It is now my life's work to help others do the same.”


Putting the “creative” back into “intimacy,” Dr. Moore’s unique relationship methods and expressive style are reflected throughout the chapters found in her book... Creative Personality Types (Each Personality Type’s Way of Living), Creative Romance (Improving Sex With Your New Perspectives), Creative Communication (Growing Closer and Happier When Conflict Arises), Creative Self-Care (Becoming the Source of Your Own Happiness), Creative Empowerment (Knowing Your Life Purpose), Creative Support (Clarifying and Communicating What You Need), Creative Spirituality (How You Speak With Life), Creative Decision-Making (Involving Different Parts of Your Personality in a Decision), Creative Projects (Alternatives to Ongoing Conflict With the Help of Artistic Media), and the title chapter, Creative Intimacy (Making the Most of Relationship Opportunities).

CREATIVE INTIMACY provides a wealth of exercises, designed by Dr. Moore, to assist couples to “get in touch” with their true feelings and desires; ultimately bringing solutions into sharp focus.


Dr. Moore has appeared as a relationship expert on The Ricki Lake Show, CBS’s The John Walsh Show and the Fox’s own number one cable news show: The O’Reilly Factor charming audiences with her quick wit, profound insight, and joyful laugh. While maintaining a private practice in California as well as nationally by phone, she combines the spiritual, practical, mental, physical, and emotional for an original therapeutic blend geared toward each client’s preference.


“The five most important messages for readers of my book,” says Moore are:


1.  You can turn shyness to confidence overnight.

2. You can avoid a divorce by knowing your partner’s romantic uniqueness.

3. You can turn years of arguments into positive solutions in one minute.

4. You will create the most durable solutions to relationship challenges with gratitude.

5. When you take charge of releasing a self defeating pattern, you automatically make room for a relationship miracle.


Tired of simply giving up whenever a promising love affair doesn’t work out? CREATIVE INTIMACY is the quintessential road map for those who desire more harmony and ultimate success in their relationships. As Dr. Moore makes clear, “Before you walk away, this is a relationship’s best tool for effecting conflict resolution. Once out of focus, but now within reach, you can have your rainbow and share it too!”

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