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This site will direct you to the proper website and service based business to meet your particular needs. Laurie offers two types of services. LMFT counseling with hypnotherapy, EFT ad EMDR is for California residents only. Read more and book via www.counselingscottsvalley.us.

Readings and Coaching for humans and animals is offered globally via www.animiracles.com.

Please note that people may receive services from one of these service-based businesses only. The two businesses may not be used together.

Transformations for Individuals and Couples

For detailed info on Dr. Laurie Moore's specialties and counseling, please click here!

"She's a Spiritual Einstein."
— Wade Hart, All Points Property Inspection

"I posted her on my website along with Amachi and Babaji"
— Seth Burton, Artist


Dr. Laurie provides 30 and 50 minute sessions. Clients find themselves accomplishing in a small amount of sessions what can take years in traditional therapy.

Turn challenge with your relationships (family, couple, colleague etc.), challenge with your body, challenge with your career, and challenge with yourself into solutions.

Discover new ways of harmony in place of old self defeating habits.

Create the dream vision of life you long for into your ever moving reality.

For rates on coaching, readings, and healings by phone, Skype, or in person please visit www.animiracles.com.

For rates on in person therapy sessions for California residents only please visit www.counselingscottsvalley.us.

Call 831-477-7007 or email lauriemoore.sessions.seminars@gmail.com. for your session.

Book Now: 831-477-7007

Information on Animal Readings & Intuitive Readings is located at: www.animiracles.com


Meetings with Laurie, and the group she brings together, give me the tools to transform my life. The power of intention as a tool to spearhead change has been one of her greatest gifts to me. Using love as a dynamic force with which to meet other beings is another of her gifts which I am using to broaden my personal family.

Richard S., Ceramic Sculptor, Nurse, Father of six

Working with Laurie helped me to see the gift in every situation. Her love, laughter and wisdom are an inspiration. She acknowledges every single person for what they share and you can watch everyone light up when she does this.

Jeri P., Apartment Manager, mother of 3

Laurie has helped me to get more comfortable expressing my feelings. The Hawaii trip allowed me to truly feel the energies of the dolphins Even now! I can call this energy and utilize it in the healing work I do.

Connie C, Reconnections Healer, mother of 4

Laurie has taught me that I can create whatever I choose by developing clear intentions for my life. She has also used techniques that have helped me move past fears that were unproductive and kept me stuck. Her love and acceptance have helped me love and accept myself more.

Julie A., Mortgage loans

Laurie is an incredible facilitator. My work with her has been life-transforming. I am experiencing more joy in my life through working with her, especially after the Hawaii trip. I have been more "in the flow".

Henry S., computer engineer, astrologer, parent and grandparent

My time with Laurie has been transforming. My ability to manifest joy is a new experience...so awesome.

Tani P, Healer, Mother of 4

To Laurie I just want to say I like you.

Bob, Carpenter & Painter

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Laurie's Dolphin seminar. I can't put it into words but I definitely feel different after swimming with the dolphins."

Caitlin P. Student (teenager)

I'm too exuberant for my American society. Laurie sees me as surrounded by beings who like to be near me. I relax and breathe in my nature.

Joya Winwood
Director of MotherSong, Performance Arts and Music teacher for youth, Mother

I've known Laurie for years and since I have been working more closely with her this year my life is becoming more fun. I've picked up several things in her workshops that help me in day to day life. When I meet someone with the idea that they like me and are happy to see me (an assignment form a seminar) it always makes the connection better. Also, the gratitude circles she facilitates are great!

Ken Ohme, Pianist

She taught me that I have a choice in how I respond to my two year old son who was one and a half at the time I attended her seminar. At her workshop I cried upon realizing this. I had felt trapped. There was an immediate difference in how my son responded to me when I got home and this has lasted. Instead of wanting to get away from him and feeling rejected by him, we share deep love and desire to be together.

Kristen N, LMFT, hypnotherapist, Banker

This was the vacation of a lifetime. The best vacation ever and I thank Laurie.

Laurie L, Court reporter

Laurie is our angel who has helped me to go through many transformations.

Rick R. Sales

I am very grateful. Mahalo

Eunie D, Teacher

I had a wonderful time in Hawaii. Thank you again!

Melinda G, Administration

Thank you. You are a gentle conduit, Laurie.

Robin, Office Manager

Dearest Laurie,
Our time with you and the group was very special for Ed and me...very magic and wonderful. Thank you lots for including us. We had a wonderful time.


Hay Laurie,
I have used the program I attended to help with building an unconditional relationship with my son who is 4 1/2 years old and with my relationship with his Mom, my missing and grieving of an animal friend that passed away and the missing of a close animal friend who I am not living with at this time.


Dear Laurie:
Blessings to you for all you do for people!

Lynn Rose

Hi Laurie:
I heard through the grape vine that the couples workshop you taught was great!


It was very good for us to be here today, assisting. We have been in heavy places as a couple and here we feel much lighter.


If anyone can manifest a dream it is you and your partner! Consider anything you say you will manifest, already done.


Dear Laurie:
Thank you for your generosity.


I was wondering if you have had time to type up the notes from my session about my dog. . . I thought it was great. You are very intuitive.


"Laurie, Wanted to share this with you. While you and Wayne Hoff were doing the clearing long distance for my partner, I was also doing some work too (I am also a healer) , but MOST IMPORTANT my boyfriend was in the middle of an acupuncture treatment. It was his second treatment in his life. He called me right after the treatment to tell me how he experienced this feeling of love that he had never felt before. He said he could hardly describe it in words, but just wanted to stay in that place. He received everyone's assistance."

CS, Skin Care

It's taken a couple of days to settle in with just what happened with your reading and sharing regarding our dog. Thank you for a fascinating experience and insight into some subtle and very healing energy.
Our canine friend seems to be more present as a result. His desire to be in close contact with me and others immeasurable.

I truly appreciate your gift and coming to our home for this purpose.
it sounds like Aug 26 event will be another remarkable evening with Dr. Laurie.

BH, Chiropractor

I want to let you know that after the workshop I didn't know if the big change I went through would hold. It did! I was unable to forgive my Ex for many years and after the workshop when I saw his picture I was no longer angry or upset. It was resolved.


"Thank you for everything you have done for us. Your voice is so soothing that sometimes I call your message machine just to hear it. Thank you."


"Laurie, I stopped going to healers and teachers since I found you. With you around I will have no problems left. You teach me how to manifest, release and do this myself. Thank you. I am sending my family members to you."


"I have gotten a lot of value from your workshops over the years but now they are taken to even a greater level. Unconditional Awakening is your best workshop ever!"


"Thank you for marrying us. It touched me to have you there as the minister because you helped us change are problems so that we could marry. Both of us have grown so much with you. Thank you. "


"I changed deeply with you. Now when I have a problem in my relationship I know where to turn...to face and transform myself. If I try to blame my partner or come up with an excuse I see a little Laurie Angel on my shoulder saying, come on David, do the wore and I do. I take you with me every where. I am so grateful."


"Thank you so much. I feel so much better. This is so helpful. Thank you for letting me know what my dogs wanted to tell me. "


"You helped me to find unconditional joy and to realize how good I have it. This is the perfect relationship for me. Thank you for getting me to find this truth inside me."


"I'm checking back seven months later to say that I have had a good day every day since I took the intensive. Everything I ever needed was inside me. You facilitated so I could discover this. I'm happy. Thank you. Everyone should take your intensive!"


"You haven't heard from me because after I did the intensive my business took off, I quit drinking and I am so much happier and lighter! Thank you. "


"I wish I could stay at the seminar forever. Thank you. My heart is so full."


"I find your work to push my edges in a good way. I find you to be consistently true to your values of kindness and love. Thank you."


"Your channeling session was FUN and you got our animals personalities very accurately."


"You do things that ascended masters do. I can see who you are in your eyes."


"You operate from a very high vibration and integrity!"


"This work has been very valuable to me."


"You make it look so easy. You always know what everyone needs. How do you do it? I got exactly what I came for. Did you learn this in school, Laurie Moore?"


Hi Laurie:
"The channeled reading resonated quite accurately. I look forward to experiencing your workshop. Thank you."


"Thank you for agreeing to facilitate this event of love."


Dear Laurie:
Thank you for a another wonderful session. I am feeling so peaceful. My mother will be 80 next April and I found myself thinking about throwing a big party for her. Not sure I'll actually do it, but still, I'm amazed and so grateful to you.

Love, Mindy

"Your reading was very accurate. Thank you so much."


"There are so many things I liked about the reading. The reading contained so many points that were accurate and helped me in a practical way. What I liked best is that you helped me to utilize the channeled information in my real life. I really liked it and benefited. Thanks!"


"It was great, I loved it/them all!! I'll try to listen to the tape daily (at night), and work with the healing consciousness... to make a long story short, i feel that it has helped a lot a lot a lot!"


"Thank you for what you do. Thank you so much. You are a teacher who is real: human. You have affected my life profoundly."


"You are really good at what you do. We are growing so much with you."

Lisa and Randy

"Thank you for the reading. Very accurate!!! A sign for me has been the sun and a favorite of my mom's is the hummingbird so you were right about the totems and you were accurate about our dog's personality, feelings and assistance."


"Thank you for helping my daughter. She called me after the session and sounded a lot more grounded and calm. She said, "Mom, Dr. Laurie understands."


"This works. I have never been into putting people into mentor slots as I like to learn on my own but you are one of the few people I have ever met who I trust as a mentor."


"You keep telling everyone in our group about all the great teachers and Guru's to visit but YOU are our light and teacher. We receive what we need from YOU!"


"Before the session I felt hatred for my neighbor and wanted her to move. After the session I felt love in my heart for her."


"What? The dogs bark when anyone comes to the door. Even people they have known for years but when you come they just run to greet you and jump on your lap. I truly trust your psychic abilities."


"What you say does resonate with who canine Peanut is."


My feline friend has not been the same since her time with you. Your feminine touch had a profound effect. She is a happier cat. She was grieving for four years after her canine friend passed away and now she feels happy again. Jonah (bird) loves you very much.


"I feel so relieved. I can be at peace now, I feel so happy, knowing my dog is fine on the other side (ie dog passed) and that he appreciated me so much and that he is thinking about returning in one year reincarnated."


"You're a really good person to talk to: very kind and gentle."


"I was amazed that she had 6 pages of notes about my cats before she met them! The reading helped a lot and gave me joy."


The channeling helps us to have more understanding of each other (couples' channeling).
Thank you.


"I'm so glad we have this group to come to."


"Thanks to Laurie's channeling I love public speaking and radio speaking which I used to dread. She worked with me in conjunction with 2 birds. When she told me what my guides said I felt deeply acknowledged and appreciated. I also feel very at peace and open to new options in the realm of relationship. I feel that I am validated no matter what I choose. Thank you, Laurie."

- Linda

"I couldn't stop binging. In one session with Dr. Moore I realized that I was using food to avoid grieving the loss of nurturance from my ex partner. As soon as the realization came, the need to binge stopped."

-Janet Aguilar, psychologist

"It's been life changing. I rediscovered the blissful spirit within me. I connected with my grandmother and let her pain release from my body. The anger I had carried toward my mother subsided and I felt her love in place. I was able to end a very unhealthy relationship that I had been in for six years.

-Dena Levinson, School teacher

"We were about to get a divorce but now we're doing great. He's the guy I love. She's the millennium Guru on relationships."

-Penny Browner, School teacher, Mother and Wife

"The other therapists sided with my wife. Dr. Moore valued both of our opinions."

Ralph Gibbs, Scientist

"I've changed very deeply through my work with Dr. Moore. I am a lot happier because I am a lot less needy. As a result I have a relationship that fulfills me in ways the last one did not."

Roy Sutherland, Yoga instructor and Engineer

"I went to her knowing I was going to commit suicide if it didn't work. I had been in chronic depression and despair for ten years. She was my last hope. A year later I can say that I love living, spend a lot of time in bliss, and am ready to complete therapy with her. She was a completely nonjudgmental witness who accepted me until I was able to accept myself. Even on the very occasional times that I didn't like something she did and told her, she treated both me and herself with complete acceptance and respect."

-Brian Davis, Counselor

"I like to be around her because she makes me laugh so much! I like to go to her workshops because I feel positive and happy when I go!"

-Nancy Hoffman, full time Mom and Landlord

"I ended a relationship with the wrong guy so that I was able to meet and marry the man of my dreams.

-Nancy Schifano, Food service owner

"My business flourished within a year of the starting date once I tried her techniques."

-Angela Doughtery, Acupuncturist

"Money started coming in from everywhere!"

-Brandt Barr, Astrologer

"I was feeling really low. Over the years I lived more and more for my family and less and less for myself. Within two month of seeing Dr. Laurie Moore, I quit a job I didn't like, decided to build my own home, finished designing that home, and I was happy. Now I have my family AND myself."

-Owen Wannan, Once office manager about-to-be Carpenter

"I signed up for the intensive instead of spending a month in a recovery center. Not only did I completely overcome an ongoing drug addiction, but I solved emotional, self esteem, spiritual and family issues that had plagued me for years. Now I can run my life from love in ways I was run by fear before." This was over a year ago and I am still grateful with my problems long behind me. It was worth every penny!"

-Marie Rose, Manager

"The intensive was the best investment I ever made. What a deal!"


"Decades of chocolate binges replaced with joy and a happier life."

-Shelley Steiner, Administrative assistant

I'm not anorexic anymore. The hypnotherapy also helped me to relax for the SATs.

-Joy Bodnar, high school student

I changed my life around. After being at everyone else's' beckon call for years. I now do the things that I enjoy. I am a much happier man."

-Kenneth Mendelsohn, Office manager turned Carpenter

"In one session I changed problems that had plagued me for my entire adult life ( two decades.) I now feel comfortable and able to have an orgasm with a partner."

Stef Eisenberg, Insurance sales

"The problem for me wasn't not knowing how to make moneyÂ…it was not allowing myself to make money. I was taught that money is bad and people who make it are not good. I wanted to overcome this belief and tried different therapies but never got over the obstacle. The obstacle was emotional because intellectually I have always known that money is fine. The session made me change emotionally. Now I full feel that abundance and wealth are fine!"

-Carmella Gonzalez, Marketing

"Everyone needs a Dr. Laurie Moore!"


"It was incredible, luscious, and pure joy. My power charka filled with light, my root charka alive in a luscious wonderful way for the first time, my throat full of song, my hear feeling delicious, my third eye a beam of bright light. I am more present then ever because Dr. Laurie Moore helped me to go deep within and then bring what was inside me back into outer life!"

-Karen Stohlman, Mother of two teenagers

People thought I was crazy when my unexpected spiritual emergence began so a friend suggested I go see Dr. Moore. Dr. Laurie Moore made me feel absolutely nothing was wrong with me. We worked together so that I was able to let the inner guidance direct me and wake me into state of new healing abilities."

-Jacob Arlington, Office assistant

"Two of us who worked with Dr. Laurie Moore offer this feedback: "Using art, movement, breath, drama, and writing, we all had a lot of fun and also found that our lives had profoundly changedÂ…because we changed! Therapy can be joyful and still work!"

-Autumn Reinhardt, graduate student of psychology and art therapy

-Tina Rosenthal, mediation interviewer

"Dr. Laurie Moore is very spontaneous. Every session is different. We never know what to expect but it's always something special. Sometimes fun and sometimes, elegant, she knows just what to do in the moment. She makes it look easy but it obviously requires lots of skill and talent."

-Merdith Monroe, LMFT

-Brenda Hutchinson, Landlord

"She makes the voice such a fun and expressive tool! She seems to have no inhibitions which invited me to trust my own voice."

-Don Halprin, Pilates Instructor


-Eric Stevenson, Artist and Nurse

"Thank you for your gifts of love that have helped to change my life and deepen my relationship with myself."


"After I went through a profound change about parenting and soul-purposes I went home to find my son had changed also. It was a miracle. I have great respect for this work and the people who come to the events."


To share your success story from attending sessions or seminars,
email: info@DrLaurieMoore.com.
If you would like to preserve your confidentiality, please use a pseudonym.

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