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    Television and Radio Topics Presented
  • Overnight solutions to shyness

  • One minute solutions to years of relationship arguments

  • Choosing a life mate wisely: seven significant steps

  • When to stay and when to leave a relationshipRelationship as a spiritual dance

  • Meant to Be: an interview with Barry Vissell

  • The Fifteen Minute Miracle: an interview with Jacquelyn Aldana101 Things I wish I knew when I got married: an interview with the Blooms

  • Your relationship problem is a symptom of your individual issue

  • You are never a victim

  • Problems solved with fun and pleasure create durable solutions

  • Despite the high divorce rate, you can have a positive and successful relationship

  • Relationship difficulty may be linked to DNA but can be changed through intention

  • Understanding your partner’s romantic style will save you from divorce

  • Relationship as a spiritual path: Divine Love Discovered in Partnership

  • The five practical rules of a successful relationship

  • On anorexia
    “No you are not trying to look like a skeleton to be attractive. No healthy person finds skeletons to be attractive. You started to starve yourself when something unbearably painful happened. What happened?”

  • On anger in a relationship
    “Stop blaming her for your anger. I can tell from the way you hold your face that you were angry years before you met her."

  • On weight gain in a relationship leading toward divorce
    “You married her till death do you part. You did not marry until fat do you part. Let’s figure out what both of you are do contributing to support this out of control binging.”

  • On problems with the fiancé
    “You said “yes” to a marriage proposal knowing she already had three affairs. She’s not your problem. Your problem is you choose to be with someone who doesn’t treat you right.”

  • On “I can’t get what I want in this relationship”
    “Your husband already knows what you don’t want. Look him in the eyes and tell him what you do want. That’s how you will get it.”

  • On a weight problem due to lack of discipline
    “You’re not struggling with weight because of a discipline issue. You’re overweight because you are frightened.”

  • On the burnt out leader
    “Stop taking care of everyone else and attend to yourself. Not one more excuse. You say you want peace so give yourself peace because none of your groupies can.”

  • On “He hasn’t proposed and it’s been six months Should I say now or never?”
    “No! Both of your weaknesses will become apparent after six months. In the beginning you just see each others’ virtues.  Make sure you can work well together in the face of the weaknesses and strengths before making a life time commitment. You will have a more secure marriage that way.”

  • On keys to saving a marriage
    "I have three assignments for you. Make requests instead of complaints. Practice gratitude on a daily basis. When you are dissatisfied, make a change in yourself first."

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