News About Alcoholism

  •       Non drinkers raised with alcoholic parents or grand parents will often have the same emotional patterns as alcoholics

  •       Someone who is abusing alcohol is running from unresolved trauma.

  •       New reports show that people abusing alcohol may actually be running from memories stored in their DNA that belong to previous generations.

  •       Mineral supplements are as important as therapy in curing alcoholism.

  •       A person with an alcohol problem will appear  to have extreme mood cycles: furious/loving or gregarious/withdrawn

  •       EMDR, DNA Possibilities, and other leading edge therapies can cure alcoholic patterns in a matter of months.

  •       AA claims once an alcoholic always an alcoholic at core: NOT TRUE! Complete therapies change self defeating patterns leaving the once-alcoholic UNINTERESTED in drinking.

  •       Discipline is not enough. You cannot change the problem with discipline.

  •       The alcoholic pattern is over gone when it is erased from the mind and body and replaced with a new knowledge of self.


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