White Light


I received the following question:

“Someone’s aura appeared completely white in a photo. Can you explain this?”


 Although I haven't seen this (I don't see auras myself) it sounds like the wings-of-white-light energy that has recently been dispersed into the planet. I experience it as Divine Mother purifying the heart into a very light service vehicle of purity beyond any energy that used to come to earth as devotion. One can give all personality to the light each day, as ego aspects of self and other become the light. It's a mass cleansing for all earth beings. Keep giving all of it to the light and you will feel wings lifting your heart and soul. You will also find humanities karma as well as your own dissolving through you. Keep going. Keep allowing. Keep cleansing.


 Recently, a big white bird in the non 3D landed on my pillow and told me: All your dreams are now true." The veils between the 3D and other realms have lifted for many of us at this time.


The dream this bird was referring to was the one that I incarnated on. Some of you out there will recognize it as your own. I incarnated with a dream in my heart that the world would turn itself inside out back into a heart of love…unconditional universal ONENESS love. I arrived back on earth in the sixties and was very disappointed at the outcome.


Now the dream HAS come true and is alive in the hearts of all who know it. However, it is not about a big outer group realization...nor is it dependent up perceptions of outward relationships. This ONE-LOVE is within each heart that allows the cleansing of all ego to take place 24/7. We are light but we are ego. Ego can even look good...like someone doing service, like someone in attached love...like someone helping another. All levels of attachment to anything are ego. Filling up another’s cracks and wholes with you is ego. Looking for wholeness by using another’s energy is ego. Ego isn’t bad but it is a minute fraction of our highest capacity for fulfillment.


 Being side by side, connected in the universal heart and each connected to his/her own light source allows us to go beyond ego, release more and more layers of ego, and share each others’ energies while not crossing lines into dysfunctional merging.


Why give up ego?  As we give it all to the white light, golden light or violet light we become  light and the only interest is BEING Light. The light becomes us...the Divine Mother.  However, in this process all of our personality traits, talents and strengths, shadows and weaknesses, quests and questions come into full vibrancy. The exquisite love and joy we feel when we experience ourselves as images of ONE LIGHT is incredibly fulfilling. I was afraid to try it too. Once skeptical, afraid I would lose everything, I resisted but when I surrender each moment each day as best I can, the opposite proves true…each time I pick light I find everything! Conflict becomes an opportunity to choose unconditional love over attached love and everyone in my world becomes a holy gift in this one LIGHT! Being love takings over seeking or giving love. LOVE IS ALL literally in the body/mind/heart experience of something much vaster and grander! This does not mean abandon all structures. Choose your companions and focuses very carefully at this time!


Many dogs and Cats living in your home show up as unique individuals but often let the light be who they are at core so that all other energies pass through. Be light and your uniqueness is enhanced, and never stolen as role modeled by many animals. If a dog or cat you live with is ill or emotionally upset, they are sharing in your karma…allowing your unresolved ego aspects to move through their body…heal yourself at the deepest level and assist your animal’s health by doing so. Celebrate your animal’s willingness to be ONELOVELIGHT!


I hope this is of help to your understanding. Be Well, Be Light...You are Light...everything else is a splintered projection. You are the wings of white light and you are the sun.


Please share this with anyone who may benefit.


Dr. Laurie Moore

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