What the Owl Helped me Remember



I dreamed that a tsunami hit my place of dwelling on earth.  Some were surprised.  Others understood that the ascension into unconditional awakening was available through all events.  The amount of resistance in motion on earth was bound to set such events into action.  The power of force from the waves flew me into the air.  I found myself high above the land, the structures, and the trees.  My heart was set on love.  The choice to focus on fears: what I might hit, how I might fall, what if I drowned, what accidents might occur was available.  My heart was only interested in love.  I was in love.  “This is what I prayed for!”  I exclaimed because I had wished to fly.  While the circumstances were not my choice I had one desire: to be in love with all that is and so I was.  Safe in flight I found myself.


As I flew I asked the Divine Mother to guide and protect me.  She made sure that I was safe at every turn.  She appeared as Mary, Ammachi , Quan Yin, Anandi Ma, a fawn, a whale, a feline, my friend, me, and you.  Her many costumes flashed before me.  I was eternally safe.  I exist forever.  She agreed to protect my costume: the Laurie body, personality and mind and let me know that if it were to go I was love eternally in or out of any 3-D costume.


I landed.  I wished to share bliss with others.  Hungry and somewhat cold we gathered.  Some were gossiping about fears and complaints.  Others gathered to share our gratitude and bliss and love and we were full.  I noticed that no one brushed their hair any more and all the tricks used to appear good had lost significance.  Everyone was in deep love or deep despair.


You may find yourself with tenderness for people who once annoyed you as you realize their habits are yours in some other form.  You may find yourself taken over by a peace and love that has no limits, no cause, and no reason but its own existence.  You may find that everything you once held dear has become secondary to the immense love light pouring through.  Trust my friends for the new dawn is being created.  Our life here is an art piece.  You may find that I am you and you are me.


The animals have patiently guided and waited for the humans to return to love, bliss and peace.  They teach through kindness and compassion.  When they need to they teach by reflecting the shadows in us.  When we allow, they teach by reflecting our love and magnificence.  If an animal has taken your attention, know that she or he is bringing a Divine message to you.


Recently, as two clients drove off from a workshop my friend, an owl approached.  This owl has let me know when I am on track in awakening.  This particular couple had chosen unconditional joy.  The owl appeared to say, “trust that you too will take on the Divine gift of wings.”  You are becoming us.  We have always been you.  You are becoming what was once left behind.  You are returning to complete love.  You have always been free and now it is your time to remember who you really are, what once was and what forever is.  Be Love.  Be Peace.  Be Joy.


Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, Animal Intuitive, Psychic Healer

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