What Do Animal Intuitives Do?


Animal Communication, offered by animal intuitives, consists of three categories.  The first category is communicating personal messages from animal family members to their people.  Category two is delivering messages from animals who walk the earth, as guides, to people they select.  The third category entails bringing people to animals, such as whales and dolphins, who have volunteered to assist people in spiritual awakenings.


Animal intuitives are able to understand animal’s messages through pictures, words, feelings and unique multi-dimensional experiences.  Animals send out messages with photographs, words and emotion that moves as energy through the air.  Intuitives are able to see, hear and feel the messages when next to the animal or from miles away.  Unlike people, animals do not rely on physical proximity for communication and are accustomed to speaking to others psychically.  An animal intuitive has learned to speak in a psychic language also.  This is available to all people who wish to study thorough the heart as well as the mind.


Master teacher animals are also able to send out messages that occur in realms beyond the third dimensional sight, sound and emotion that all of us are accustom to.  These types of experiences catapult people into awakenings often written about by ascended gurus and enlightened masters.  Many people have experienced a deepening of the heart and a relaxing into infinite and unconditionally blissful realms when swimming with the dolphins.  Those who have had the opportunity to swim with whales, sometimes experience the ONENESS of all life.  Many people find swimming with these beings to be life altering.


I became interested with animal communication when my cat, Jessie Justin Joy proved to me that he had reincarnated.  I was a skeptic until then.  I was told by three animal communicators that Jessie was planning to do this after his body was eaten by coyotes, that his death was simply a learning experience for him and that he was eager to return.  Doubting but open to anything that would bring my beloved feline home, I followed instructions being sent by Jessie.  The fact that the same instructions were received by three different intuitives gave me hope.


I met many a cat until I felt I had found the one that Jessie Justin Joy desired me to bring home.  This lovely cat named Shadow had a beautiful and attractive personality but he was very different from Jessie Justin Joy.  Nevertheless, I was assured that the two felines had arranged a soul switch.  When I got home I was devastated.  Shadow was not Jessie and deserved complete love but my heart was still with Jessie.


I sat in meditation on my bed searching for peace.  As I settled into acceptance for the situation as it was and gratitude for Shadow, Shadow who was timid and hiding suddenly jumped on to the bed.  “Meow!” He stared into my eyes and I realized the switch had occurred.  It was Jessie.  Gazing into my eyes, assuring me that my boy was back home, Jessie melted my heart into profound trust in miracles.


To erase any further lack of faith I harbored, Jessie, with his new body, turned about in a circle and mushed his back against my chest, his nightly ritual.  When we went into the kitchen and I fed him some ocean fish, he gave me a friendly little nip on the ankle as he always had, reminding me he wanted Savory Cuts.  When he got the Savory Cuts he gobbled them up.  We went into my office where he attempted to unplug my computer, an old tactic of his to get me to stop working so much.  Despite the new fur and size, friends came over and said, “It is Jessie!” recognizing his distinct dog like friendliness as he ran to greet them and walk them in.


I studied animal communication with Gina Palmer, whose teacher was Penelope Smith so I think of both of them as my teachers.  Both of them gave me an incredible gift.  At first, I was uncertain that I would ever have the ability they had.  I could feel hear and see the animals but didn’t trust my psychic knowing.  I needed proof and so I asked the universe to bring proof.


On a hike with my partner, a little lizard ran up my body and accompanied me for about twenty minutes.  The little reptile responded to my telling him with my heart that I desired to be friends.  On a visit to Hawaii I requested validation that the communication I had been receiving from whales back in California was real.  I was unaware that any whales were near but called out to the sea.  Immediately, a whale jumped out of the water and proceeded to wave his tail over and over and over.  People began to report to me that my readings were very accurate.  When people gave me several animals to read at a time I was able to identify the unique personalities of each.  Proof increased my trust in the communication I was receiving from the animals.


How this works is that I listen with all my heart and the communication comes in.  To begin to do this yourself simply ask your animal if there is something s/he wishes for you to know.  Next, notice what you hear, see or feel with out editing it.  Ask your animal if you are right and pay attention to the clues s/he gives you back.  One time I felt Jessie telling me to include him in a big painting I was making so I did.  The next day I pointed out to him that I had honored his request.  He walked up to the big painting of which about 1% was him, stared precisely at himself and kissed himself, meaning.  “Thank you, Mom, I know.”


Animals all over the planet send out important messages about trust, community, love and other valuable lessons to learn.  Elephants often approach people on the inner planes to teach lessons of community.  Dolphins approach to teach unconditional joy.  Dogs approach to teach loyalty and devotion.  Cats are great at assisting with the mysteries of life.  Birds come to help uplift people.  I was taught trust by mallards who flew to my car at the grocery store.  Two of my client’s were greeted by an owl who flew to them after a seminar in which they made a profound shift into deeper spiritual love and joy.


One morning before a client arrived I asked the universe to tell me if any animals would be assisting.  I was told, “gold finch.” Unaware of what a gold finch was I went upstairs to ask my partner, Ray, where the bird book was.  Ray was sitting beneath a cedar tree on our deck in meditation.  I noticed a delicate little yellow bird I had never seen before.  We looked up the bird in the book and found out he was the gold finch.  When my client arrived the gold finch told her how to be happy.  When she left, the little yellow one left and I have not seen him since.  When you open your heart to the animals they will come to help.  It was ravens who educated me on how to turn around years of financial hardships and their advice proved true.


Some of the messages I have received from people’s animal family members that most touched me are as follows.  A little dog, about the size of a cat, was asked why he was  running next door to the neighbors, knowing that the neighbors had a vicious dog at their place.  “I go out of my way to create trust,” he replied.


A cat told me that her person had not been the same since she was emotionally devastated by someone whom she dated.  “She needs to go back to lullabies and dreams.  She packed up and left but didn’t address t healing the emotional wounds.” U[on hearing this, the woman burst out crying, touched that her cat understood her and cared for her so deeply.  Her beloved feline’s message was incentive for her to do some necessary healing.


A dove said that he was made of light and that to “be full, simply choose fullness.  No need to solve problems.  Just choose gratitude, fullness and light.”


A dog told me that he was called peanut but he preferred to be named “Prime Minister.” What a wonderful soul and humorous soul!  He was indeed a Prime Minister!


Sometimes animals assist people in forgiving each other by offering kinder perspectives.  Sheila and Sandra, two friends got in an argument.  It was one of their dogs who helped Sheila to find compassion in the place of judgment.


People go to animal intuitives when they wish to better understand their animal friend, when they wish to contact an animal who has  passed over and when they wish to receive guidance from their animal spiritual guides on anything important to them.  People may go to an animal intuitive readings to improve a problem or simply to find out what is on their animals’  minds.


People tend to feel very touched by readings as animals have a non judgmental way of speaking from the heart, with great devotion and love.  People are often surprised at how intelligent and wise their animals are.  Sometimes people think they will only hear about an animal’s world but find themselves deeply comforted by the depth of awareness the animal has about his/her person’s world.


Each intuitive is different.  Some prefer that you ask specific questions while others simply converse with the animal.  Some give you an understanding of your animal’s soul purpose and your soul purpose and how they are connected.  Other’s stick more to practical matters.


If you ask three therapists to give an over view of a client some of the basic points will be the same while details and focuses may differ depending upon the therapist’s view point and values.  This is the same case if you ask three animal intuitives to speak to your animal friend.


Any workshop or session conducted for you by an animal communicator will bring surprises and most likely bring up some laughter and gratitude.


Dr. Laurie Moore

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