The human body According to Feline Perspective

The human body by Cats and Laurie



I am learning very much about sharing life with a human body from my cats. They have reorganized my thinking on what a body is. I am learning that I am in a relationship with my body much the same way that I am in relationship with a human friend, an animal friend and All That IS. When body and soul mingle in connected points of gratitude, ecstasy occurs.


The human body is a highly devoted being. Each cell has its own tone, purpose, intention and vibration. Each cell is in delight to serve ALL That IS. Each cell has strong intention to serve the soul that has chosen to marry and mingle with the overall body that cell serves. When loved the body responds in great love. In dimension 12 and 13 this is experienced as light. In  dimension 3 this is called “wellness and health.”


What the mind calls pain is the act of resisting or wrong making a disharmonious chord that is playing the body. Try to love the chord, simply be with the chord and notice that when you do this you are simply being. From there, seek out methods to assist the chord and returning to harmony. Methods include but are not limited to listening to healing tones and sounds, making tones and sounds with the vocal chords being in gratitude, and receiving a homeopathic remedy.


The body lives in temperature, lights and sounds. It is weakened by judgments. What we put into the body can be converted into love by simply loving. When we decide that particular 3D creations of potential food are good or bad we feed our bodies’ judgment and this can cause our body distress that may be experienced as emotional discomfort or physical discomfort. It is valuable  to treat these discomforts  on their terms but it is also possible to simply return to love and gratitude and allow the light to absorb and dissolve all back into love.


As a therapist and a human,  I add that problems addresses in the 3D will find their home in a new situation. Addressing anything on the emotional/physical level which in the 3d is essential the same: a creation of intention on a very bulky and dense level, is a temporary fix though helpful. For this reason, I refuse to work as a garbage disposal and comforter and now only work with people who are willing to be fully responsible for their intentions on a cellular level. I call this Miracle Therapy.


Some times a person desires a cat to go to get better and perhaps, the cat will agree out of love for the person. But the cat is just being. The cat is interested in being in harmony but does not recognize “better” as a state of existence. That kind of a mind qualifying perspective is an invention of the mind outside of the body and cats prefer to exist as intentions in a merging and mingling state with the body.