Oneness Sex in Realm 12

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Oneness Sex in Realm 12: Elephants, Giraffes, Feline and Birds Teach

Sex was very exciting when it was new.  At twenty, I began to do mantras, breathing, yoga and practices that released and built kundalini.  Sex became very energizing and astounding in new ways.  As we reached our thirties and forties, many of us on spiritual quests learned that sex can deplete energy in men (and in some traditions it is said women also).  People I know and I began to practice tantra with our mates.  In this way we could both share partner energy and maintain the cosmic life energy that had built from years of meditation, mantras, yoga and breathing practices.  (To learn tantra visit  I hear outstanding acknowledgements of these teachers).  As time went I personally began to experience sex in the very high frequency light realms and could find almost no one who knew what the ()*%(** 8X I was talking about! Luckily one person, my own partner, understood.

Many Heaven on Earth Portals have opened in the past year.  People now discover what I have been trying to express.  Each individual experiences awakenings in I-AM-ONENESS-REALITIES uniquely.  These experiences cannot be taught from the outside.  Inner-trust is the source teacher who answers when called upon.

There is a type of sex that goes beyond tantra and kundalini movement.  Existing in the light realms, this is fully felt through the body here on earth and simultaneously in your light body and your awareness of yourself in eternity and as ONENESS.  When you experience this, you feel like you are having a non stop orgasm in every chakra with yourself.  This is complete  ecstatic ONENESS.  You are Lover and Beloved, female and male and so is everyONE in a very erotic, wonderful, respectful life giving-receiving way all at once! You are made out of light ...your beingness is orgasmic energy in motion in all chakras...that is who you in completion with itself.  No drugs are needed for this gift of life! It can happen during solo meditation, while making love with a partner , at work or in the grocery store.  You find that there is ONE LOVE, one mind and one to forgive: the mind that forgot the heart.  There is no one out there but YOU, Beloved & Lover.

The cosmos is in universal love with itself as one.  Each person is worthy of remembering this in his or her human body experience.  When people acknowledge what is possible, woman turn menstrual cramps into ecstasy in the body.  People use instant manifestation to turn pain into pleasure (many of my clients are currently awakening into how to do this).  People are  understanding sex in the 12th realm.  People can experience orgasmic bliss of 7 chakras AND BEYOND in walking down the street.  YES, there are many charkas in the light body that go beyond the 7 most frequently discussed!

As of the portal openings I receive letters from all over the globe from people who are experiencing inner initiations (through their own light source) into these realms.  I am writing to people on the path of high light frequencies to say; TRUST your instincts...there is a level of incredible body and light-body bliss available beyond what you/I/we/they/us have so far encountered.  Ask the star guides, the dolphins, the whales and the animals to assist you on your journey into the new Heaven-Is-Now-Realm! Ask that your experience always serve and be given to the Light and Love.

The animals have taught me of a realm in which each person is fully whole; female and male complete within themselves.  Everything we think we experience in response to another we actually generate within ourselves.  While we think that circumstances in our life lead us to have feelings and thoughts, might it be the opposite? The giraffes say that experiences are the out picturing of the feelings.  Thoughts are the bridge way from the thought into the 3D world where reflections of our creations show up tangibly.  Feline Guru Jessie Justin Joy says, dream your life into existence my friends…this is the old way and the only way for unconditional joy! Elephants find trunk movement to be ecstatic.  Giraffes enjoy Divine ecstasy in their throats.  Migrating birds can experience the delight of oneness in the group when the leader (who is simply FOLLOWING the group heart ) glides all through the air.  Allow your body to create her/his own dance of movement by closing your eyes and following all impulses to discover new realms beyond the body but felt in the body.

In harmony with the cosmos,

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, Animal Intuitive, Psychic Healer

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