Dr. Laurie Moore is a medium for ascended masters, angels, animals, animal totem spirit guides, personal spirit guides, and loved ones passed over (people & animals).


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  • Animal: Messages from your animal companion (pet) plus guidance from your animal totem spirit guides

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My readings help you to take your next steps and also include coaching and clearing spells. Clearings remove karmic blocks so that you can proceed along your path with ease. Coaching assists you in taking wise inner and outer steps.

I have been instructed by guides of the fifth dimension (love-in-duality) and guides from the 12 dimension (all-one-love) to help people to ascend to their next steps both in relationship and life in general. The ascended masters, dolphins, whales, felines, birds, canines and many animal species have guided me to assist people with discovering self empowerment, unconditional joy, unconditional love, and unconditional peace.

With my background as a psychotherapist (LMFT), hypnotherapist, and relationship expert (I have appeared on The Ricki Lake Show, The John Walsh Show, Fox News LiVe, The O’Reilly Factor, In the Company of Angels and Seeing Beyond), I bring a wealth of practical wisdom to readings. During a reading you will feel energies of support, magic and kindness coming in. I work only with spirit guides who have your highest and happiest good at heart.

The following messages were channeled for groups and also as mini animal-totem channelings for individuals. They are NOT representative of the detailed and individualized one hour channeling sessions offered on tape, phone and in person.

Message from a Star, Lumen

Look more closely at what you think you see. There are people before you that are gleaming stars. Might that be a reflection of you? If you seek excellence, find trust instead. If you desire praise know that by birth alone you were created unique and special. If it is money you need, notice the abundance of whatever you are receiving in each moment…the apple...the air. a kind glance…the sound of the bee buzzing in mid he afternoon is there for your ears.

Dear Children, everything you ever needed is here now. There is nothing to build, nowhere to go and less to prove. Engage in life acts as fun endeavors, gifts of kindness from the Heavens, presents to open. Find what you most want from within; the unconditional. It is the unconditional love that beckons you down winding roads of dirt, into swirling dances of curvy joy in crowds seeking celebration, and through the wooden shellacked door of hope. All along, she is here, right now inside your heart. Sit rest and be bathed in the glow. Receive the Love.

From Archangel Gabriel

We did not bring you worries and never wished to punish you. The lessons were not meant to come in punishments. If you choose for us to come through struggle we have no choice but to approach you in the only way you let us in. But we offer paths of goodness, kindness and love. It is free: the goodness and the care. It is here. We wait for you to accept. We wait with no judgment. We wait eternally and we love you eternally. Everyone is welcome to this love. In this day of grace all is forgiven. Let it slip off you like a banana peel. Eve did not do something wrong when she ate the delicious fruit. It is the moment that she forgot the source of the fruit was God that she missed the sweetness. We never punished her. She forgot how sweet God is in everything and in doing so she felt separated and betrayed by her own self. We hold her in great love for our way is not the way of judgment and blame and punishment…it is eternal peace. Do not deny yourself the apples. Eat with full gratitude and delight in the source…the eternal golden light…the forever offered heart warmth…that is the message. Eat the apple in unconditional grace. Our lessons were never about deprivation. They are about great joyous celebration! There was a misunderstanding so lets forgive it and erase it and move into the joy today!

From the monkeys

 Okay guys, 1 2 3 It’s time to play and jump. You gotta stop analyzing your woes and wiggle your toes.  Forget the blues and come swing out here in the greens. Chuckle and cuddle and then it’s simple. Come along now folks. Yee hee!!! Swing around..tumble..that’s it that’s it that’s it!


Banana Tree Watches over you Eternally

 So many treats for you in store this life. Some times you won’t see and they will drop out of no where. Really they come back to you for all you give. With each gift of generosity you have made, another treat in store grows somewhere for you and sooner or later you stumble upon it or it falls into your hands. I am one of your protectors. I am your treasure chest and make sure you get plenty of rewards…little things that all add up.


The  Sacred Cow is one of your Totem Animal Guides

Cow says, “I wish to let you know that you are full and wealthy with milk of life…a spiritual cocktail. Give your best. Offer your nourishment through activities that soothe you and others, please you, delight you, and utilize your gifts. As you do this you overflow with fullness.”


A Cactus with Flowers

Manifestation of riches and beauty are forever flowing for you.  On the radio we are not touched from the outside. The audience is with us on the inside. We are given protection like the cactus and this is good. We are touched through the heart through the air waves when on the radio. Let the radio system be the protector as the prickles for the cactus. You need not create any other protection for yourself. Your protection is being yourself. Speak to the one candle who is your higher self. She is you. Speak to the one candle which feels and looks like many individual candles. You are only speaking to your higher self. That is the only one out there. Let the cactus be the protector. Anything from which you seek refuge is not what you need to view, hear or see and you are protected form it. Stay in touch with the one candle.



Message from Moon Goddess

 I play for you, the beautiful tones of harp and flute, and some times violin. I whisper in your ear. Listen for my voice in the quiet night as you fall into slumber. Feel for me when you are near the waters…the brooks, the rivers, the creeks and the streams. I am truly here. I sing to you. I honor you. Trust this music even when it is a faint sound. Listen and my voice will become more and more real, louder and apparent to you. I am yours. I am a gift for you. I am a part of who you are. You will hear me as a separate and lovely song and I am actually your highest self. I am of great beauty and music.



Message from the Beaver

I will work with you and protect you. Don’t rush. Build with great care. It is better to take longer and have a sturdy and reliable creation than one that comes fast and might go. I love you and I am your friend. I build what I need piece by piece, bit by bit and I do not wander far or go to quick. I value my abode, my home, my right here today now solidity. Unseen at first, but immense in my service and contribution, my life unfolds in the right way and the solid way. For you, it will be more important to have a strong foundation with people who are most supportive, honest and valuable than to sprout a business quickly. Value time. Value patience. Value the daily tasks and work as much as the later results. This way you will be full and well. This is your lesson to learn. This will build a very bright vision. The sun shines very bright in your vision so build a strong foundation to hold the Beloved Sun and thank the sun and your helpers each day. 


The Blizzards

 It maybe genetic…this love of cold days I am. I am the snow and I know you know me from who I am inside. Deep inside I am ultra warm. I can wrap around you like a blanket of great wisdom that others witness but only you see. Don’t ever fret ... the eye of the storm is not always seen by others as purely as she sees but it is she who holds all that is importantly woven into this life together. You, Friend, are the eye. You carry a lot for many and some of it is quite visible while some of it is known in your clarity alone…you might feel alone with this great gift at times but we see you. We praise your strength and your courage. We count on you. Know that you can forever count on us. What is held strong in the center spreads across the land in the right time. You are forever true to your vision which is light years ahead.


From the Divine Mother

Let go now, child dear one. You long for a maternal love that it is possible. It is here. It will never come from the biological mother you know (note: this channeling was addressed for a particular individual and situation but will also help others in similar situations with challenging relationships of any type). Her job in your life is “person whose presence requires you to do your deepest learning and growth”. She cannot give you what you long for but her presence in your life requires you to go deeper than ever into yourself to find what you long for. That is the gift of her to you and all she will be capable of.


The Divine Mother love you long for is here for you. She is in the trees. She is in the birds. She is all around you and in the children’s voices. She is here for you to find forever and you can find her more and more through your own heart. You have been given the gift and the road and it is yours to walk.


Your work with your bio mother is to see her as a guidepost. That will continue to be her role for you. She is here to remind you to strengthen yourself with self trust and your own love. This lesson has come in pain but as you turn deep to your own heart it will come more and more though joy, ease and love.  The more you look to yourself the more love there will be. Your bio mother this incarnation mirrors your self doubt. Your own heart mirrors yourself trust again and again.


Go deeper than ever into your heart where Mother wolf resides and find your love. Take time for solitude in nature. Walk alone in the silence and ask to feel and here and see the real LOVE. The Divine Mother is in everyone and everything but never in the personal dramas and tensions. Those can be worked out with some, never worked out with others but only take you so far. It is your maternal love that you long for. Being a biological mother, yourself, will be a learning passage, a passage of growth and a heart warming passage. It will have you seeing the biological mother you have in new ways: sometimes in compassionate ways, other time in upset ways but your first work is to find the maternal mother that runs through you and for you and in you. These next three months are a big turn around time. It is important that you make finding this love the priority Don’t look back at your biological mother. Trust ahead. Don’t try to solve what cannot be. Trust your deeper power. It is time. This is your time. 


From an Ant

Arduous discipline of the mind allows for great awakening of the heart. Focus your mind on bringing in what you truly want. Clarify to the simplest terms: contentment within, trust in self, peace of mind. Ask and you shall receive. Let it come in new ways as gifts of life. Leave the old ways. They will not work. Do your new job. Your new job is arduous discipline of the mind so the heart can take over. Clarify down to the simplest desire over and over and then, ask for assistance from within.


From the First Earth Sun

It’s a new glowing time to feel and see life form within. Trust what you feel deep inside more than anything else. You know what you need to know. Trust the goodness. Trust the warmth. Trust the most positive messages that come from you to you.

These channelings were done for specific groups and individuals but carry messages for all beings at this time in history.

Perpetual copyright 2004 Dr. Laurie Moore. Do not republish without permission of the author. Thank you.

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