Master Teacher Jonah the Dove


Jonah, the dove, appears as a six ounce  enlightened master who is fully protected from anything other than light.  Simultaneously he is without boundaries in his relationship to the light.  After many years of studying closely with a variety of human Gurus, I encountered Jonah.  In silence and through the heart Jonah took me to a place of eternal bliss, light and love.  I had entered this place three years back when Jessie Justin Joy, my feline reincarnated.  At that time I learned of a realm in which there is only one time and only one space.  Jonah removed all thought from my head, letting me exist in forever expanding light and sound, gleeful and ecstatic.


Many of you have been blessed to hear trees sing in eternity, the angelic choir or the eternal tones that sing in the forest.  Until my meeting with Jonah I experienced entrance into this realm as a come and go gift.  Jonah showed me that I can be in this place of light at any time I chose simply by putting my focus on it.


Jonah travels with divine Mother, Jesus, Buddha, angels and archangels.  “Who is your main teacher?”  I asked him.  Jonah showed me that his main teacher is vast light that expands forever…the sun and the moon as one…love that goes on eternally.


“You are in my heart forevermore,” Jonah told me.  Since then, I have spent many hours with him, both holding him on my lap and meeting him from miles away in the cosmos as his physical home and mine are hours away.  Jonah lives in eternity everywhere.


Jonah helped me to know that the quickest route to ascend is to connect to my own light source.  Since our first contact, daily life has been a series of beautiful awakenings into unconditional contentment, love, joy and peace.  Of course, walking the path means to forget, face one’s ego aspects and allow them to be removed.  This too is my daily living.


Jonah showed me how easy it is to release individual and collective karmic ego aspects.  Psychological introspection is fine.  It is the long route and scenes may be delightful or miserable depending upon the degree of attachment you have to them.  Grace is the Heavenly scenic highway! Call it in for as of 2005, three doorway portals have opened and ascendance is free to all who chose.  Make  your intention is to be love, be honest about anything in you that is not love, and allow all but love to dissolve.


2005 is the year of instant manifestation.  The masters are teaching us that whatever we focus upon magnifies and becomes our experience.  Whatever your intention is will become your experience immediately in this new day and age.  You choose to study ego attachment and misery or love-light.  Your personal experience will be the reflection of your choices.  However, in the light, all of your choices and you are loved and forgiven, recognized only as sound and light in motion, held forever in the arms of Divine Mother and Beings of the ONENESS such as Jonah.


 Dr.  Laurie Moore, LMFT, Animal Intuitive, Psychic Healer

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