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I dedicate this article to Sno and Shera, two female feline friends.  Sno, age eight, lives with her mentor, Shera who is two decades.  They reside at Paws and Claws sanctuary in San Diego with master animal communicator, Gina Palmer.  (www.PawsandClaws.net). 


Sno is a little three pounder.  She has pure white hair, light marble blue eyes, a pink nose and slightly pink ears.  She is a very angelic being with a magical and Divine soul.  Upon meeting Sno, I remembered trust with which I used to greet my playmates.  This was in very early years.  I encountered friends with innocence and an egoless sense of oneness.  This was so long ago I had forgotten.  My heart spilled over in tears of gratitude when Sno brought me to these feelings.  Sno reached a paw to me and looked in my eyes for a long time.  I hadn’t realized I had been searching for this soul memory.


Sno taught me that I am Divine.  We all are.  She taught me to give my Divine nature complete focus.  This delicate master feline lives in a magic palace of sparkling grace.  She is an angel who remembers her origins consistently.


I first met Sno in my office.  Months before I saw her in body she came to me in spirit.  Tactfully and playfully she climbed on me and my client, removing and replacing rigid places in us with fun, playful joy.


Shera has been a Grandmother to me.  Siamese, slender and strong, she shows up when I least expect her and most need her.  When I am experiencing sorrow, pain, or illness, Shera arrives.  She teaches me lessons of an Indian medicine woman, the Divine Mother and the Buddha.  When in pain, she reminds me to be fully present in flesh until pain becomes a sensation only and passes.  When I am ill she escorts into me to experience illness as disharmony returning to harmony.  She views illness without judgment, analysis or resistance.  When I am sad, she and Sno fill me up with kindness.


Shera noticed that I was ethereal and not fully grounded.  She positioned herself on my feet as I lay on the ground.  She pulled the energy from my legs down through my feet and back into the earth.  These cats always know what I need, when I don’t know.  I thank these wise women and their person, wise women Gina Palmer who has also given me many special lessons through the cosmos, through the psychic heart from miles away.


Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, Animal Intuitive, Psychic Healer


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