Language is a Beautiful Tool for Expression

Language is a beautiful tool for expression. As a therapist who works with people of many backgrounds, I do my best to choose language that will reach the person who sits before me. While one person lights up at the use of poetry and metaphor, another feels more at home with practical facts.

When I teach the graduate students I speak a language of cause and effect. When I speak to attorneys I speak a language based upon the question “what is true?” When I talk to the philosophy lovers I offer enjoy the journey of pondering without drawing final conclusions.
I adore speaking to the "senile" and "schizophrenic" because their metaphors make ABSOLUTE sense to me. They are brilliant poets who express the human condition!

Language and clothes are the same. The costumes are for play, fun, beauty, art and connecting. Because my true core is love, I can switch clothes and words without feeling inauthentic. In fact, I feel more authentic when I speak from love and use words that are considerate of the person who sits before me.

Because I often have experiences that some will not recognize, I am careful about who I share these experiences with. For example, when I saw Gina’s family member, Jonah the dove, I could feel and see a big precious angel surrounding him. I could feel that he lived in a very pure and clear Heaven realm. I sensed that sharing this with Gina and Jonah would bring joy so I did. I knew they would understand because they are two of the teachers who have helped me to open my eyes to what I truly see.

Another time I was visited by a beautiful white feline friend in my office. She came in spirit form and invited herself to assist me with a client. Not knowing the client well, I asked, “Do you have any animals?” Telling her that I saw the cat may have caused discomfort or lead her to think I was crazy. Since she had no animals I felt deeper into the cat and recognized her to be a friend of Gina. I went home and emailed Gina who sent feline Sno’s picture back due to Sno’s request. Since then, Sno has come to help me in my own healing on many occasions.

One time I was getting my make up done to appear on The O’Reilly Factor when birds began to swarm around my face in spirit bringing me delight. I wondered if this was something I could share with the make up artist. We started to talk and she shared that she took care of birds. The more we talked the more I realized I was with a kindred spirit. I was able to share myself very openly and this brought joy to us both.
Last summer, my boyfriend, cat and I shared the porch with an extended family of yellow jackets. They came to dance on my arm regularly. Never a sting. One day I forgot the purpose of life. I was marching up the hill angrily and disconnected. The yellow jacket stung me that time and that time alone.

By raising my vibration to MATCH the little yellow jacket's WAKE UP sting, the experience turned into a pleasurable wake up call on my hand that came and went in a second. I am not a masochist and I do not like pain. However, when I raise my vibration anywhere in my body to match whatever is happening everything becomes FULL pleasure. On every level including physical, pain equals resistance. Pleasure equals presence plus gratitude plus matching the environment while remaining in the love light.

Here's how I translated the above story to my neighbor who stopped by and began to swat at a bee. "Don't bother killing that bee. I'll just let him out the window. Once you kill them they get mad and sting more.”

By using language in my neighbor’s frame of reference, I protected my friends the bees without alienating my neighbor who has a different experience of life than me. His is not better or worse. His point of view is his just as mine is mine. That’s what gives earth richness. Some people like to hear about my spiritual experiences even though they don’t share them but my neighbor had previously made it clear that this is something to which he does not relate. I appreciate him for who he is. Like everyone, he is whole and complete and unique.

Last summer My partner and I went for a walk. We met a lizard. I told the lizard "I love you" with all my heart. He darted straight to me and on to me and remained perched on my back, joining us for a walk. This story is one people can hear. This story came to me so people would hear. People are ready to hear this story as a reminder to trust the animals, their hearts, and themselves more. So I am writing a book about these kind of things.

But if I fill the book with extremely unusual spiritual experiences I will lose credibility. I know this so I trust my own experience yet choose how much of it to share. I wish for the stories to reach many people. As people get closer to me I share more and more but with the general public I find a starting point that can reach many hearts.

Many clients have an idea of who I am but their ideas differ greatly. To one I am a hippie and to another I am straight-laced and conservative. To one I am an introvert and to one I am an extrovert. With some I talk about God, with others, Goddess, and still others, Great Spirit. When my Atheists come in I tune deeply into the truth of what Atheists know. It's all welcome. It's all Sacred Life in motion. It's all love. I know I am love and they are love so their ideas about who I am are all fine with me. What matters is love.
None of the costumes matter. Really, the costumes are for play and fun, beauty and art and connecting. To the clients I am a heart and they will see me on the outer in a way that they see. Why? Because they are all hearts. The human race is made of many hearts. So I will speak and appear in different ways as other people do also.

I am crazy and full of mixed up DNA as everyone else. My ego is big and has agendas like everyone else. So again and again I intend to allow this being I live as today (Laurie) to dissolve back into this light just like others I have met do. It’s a playful journey and the animals have taught me to really enjoy it. My primary teacher, Jessie Justin Joy the feline makes sure that I don’t get over serious. When I do he meows and meows and meows and runs to the door, back to me, then to the door again numerous times until I come outside and enjoy nature. His language comes in many tones of meow and is always based in fun and love so I listen.

Jessie Justin Joy holds my hand, gives me Shakti Pat, and takes me to the expansive light. I can say this to those who realize the magic world of the animals but to others I would say. "Jessie holds my hand sometimes. He's a sweet kitten." Either way, the joy is passed along.

I often kiss Jessie Justin Joy’s little paws and tell him, “Your paws must be kissed for you are a prince.”

One night, My boyfriend and I were falling asleep in each others’ arms and my little feline found a spot with half of his body on me and half on My beloved boyfriend. He reached his paw out and placed it on my lips to be kissed. This is an example of someone validating another’s language. Little JJJ picked language that he knew I would comprehend. To me he was using his outstretched paw to exclaim “Yes, Mother, I am here to receive your love.”

The next morning I walked by the wet grass. The lemon tree was dripping from the early morning rain. The air was so silent from people all gone inside that I could hear little chimes in the wind. The trees swayed their arms gently. A leaf fell to the road offering itself as a gift. Morning smelled delicious and new.

“Yes, Mother I said,” to my earth, following Jessie Justin Joy’s role modeling, “Yes, Mother, I am hear to receive your love.” What a beautiful planet this is I thought to myself as I walked in her morning embrace. I know now that I am forever caroled in the arms of the Divine.

Dr. Laurie Moore

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