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February 3, 2005


When I am in despair, confusion or doubt ,  messages from the animal worlds bring me back to trust in unconditional love, joy and peace.  Animals send messages as individuals and as a group.  Each animal will respond to a question form his or her own personality.  There is also an over all Spirit group energy for each species that speaks as well.


The following messages are from animal volunteers who have offered to assist in writing this article.  I am their spokes person.


Question: What is the most important focus for humans at this period in history?


Jonah: A dove who resides at Paws and Claws Sanctuary : www.PawsandClaws.net

“Very happy you ask me.  White Light.  Pray for birds.  Birds feed goodness to humanity in struggle.  Sit.  Listen.  The sounds will help guide you to the guides.  We are free in our hearts.  Our answers are in whispers.  You can hear in air when quiet.  Light is Light.  Life is Light.  You are free when you know all about us.  Pure light is the real world.  It is here.


Laurie’s Interpretation:

Jonah wants us to understand that the answer to all suffering comes not in analyzing the suffering but in expanding into the beautiful light of peace, love and joy that is eternal and is for us.  All we need to do is tune into it and be it.  By listening to the doves with our hearts, we open ourselves to this experience.


Jessie :Feline who has reincarnated to live with Laurie more than once

Cause and Effect.  Be aware of your intentions.  Each thought you think gives a lesson in instant reality you create.  Each challenge is the result of a repeated thought.  Think wisely to avoid karma.  Instant Enlightenment is available through unconditionally chosen Joy, Peace and Love.  The intention of unconditional realms of love, peace and joy creates circumstances that are well and good.  Trust us when we speak to you.  When we prrrr, sit close or watch you intently it is with a message for you.  Listen very carefully to your heart when a feline is near for s/he is helping you to reach your ultimate destiny: pure satisfaction.



Laurie’s Interpretation:

 At this time in history, the effects of the thoughts we choose are instant.  Each intention, experienced as a thought leads to a feeling and a series of out-pictures in the 3D world that we call: reality.”  Notice what you are experiencing it and if you are happy with it be grateful.  (“and patient” whether you do or don’t like it” Jessie adds).  If you do not like your experience of the moment change your intention.  Change the thought you hold deep in your consciousness and heart.  In response your feelings and what you see in the “outside world’ will immediately shift shape.


Charcoal Beauty: A canine who resides in Molokai

“Oh you came back!  Humanity you have chosen us and we have chosen you!  Listen with all your heart for the eternal white light is shinning everywhere.  It is in you.  You are it.  The dog follows the master because the real master is trust and devotion.  We will help you and we will climb mountains if it takes that to bring you home.  You are one of us and we are one of you.


Laurie’s Interpretation:

Like Jonah and Jessie, Charcoal Beauty considers expanding light to be his greatest source of info.  Where as Jonah is focused on freedom within, Jessie is experiencing the contemplative dream of existing in joy and peace, Charcoal Beauty is practicing unyielding devotion.  All paths are full of  light and fulfillment in the moment.



Vast  One.  Ripples.


Laurie’s Interpretation:

Putting the whale’s message into words is complex.  The whale exists in Oneness.  Duality is not their awareness.  To understand the whale, take a bath, lay quietly with eyes closed, breathe deep and ask that the whale come to you.  If you are taken over by ONENESS, Expansive light , shades and feelings in motion, the whale is with you.



Yep!  Play.  Hustle Bustle oops people!  Golden light is coming to transform you.  Smile.  We, too, are your ancestors and our energy changes you from the inside out.  We celebrate the choice the star children make to bring golden light into the meridians of the humans who choose.  There are no mistakes.  The time is right for us to enter your spirits.  We love you.  We play games in duality.  For ultimate trust, come closer and we will help you.  Karma is melted.  Playing is here.  Duality is a mix up but the time has come for karma to be used for incredible joy and play.  Release it!  It’s gone.  Love.  Forgive!  Be the enjoying!  Everyone is forgiven for everything forever.  We’re here and we embrace you with glee!



Laurie’s Interpretation:

The dolphins carry the magic of the golden light, also being brought in by the star children of this time.  They say, “Let you carry it with us,” to species humanity.  Ask for their guidance and they will expand your cells into a fluid golden existence in which life flows in deep and profound, lasting enjoyment!


Dr. Laurie Moore

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