Communication with Animals

Channeling peoples’ spirit guides, animals, and loved ones who have passed over has opened my heart to a deeper place: the unconditional realm. Animals exist in unconditional realms in which peace, joy and love are chosen states rather than circumstantial. One dog remained in great peace, trust and love after he passed away. He was able to open a door of jubilant joy in his person by speaking to her.

Some animals come to teach us spiritual lessons while others come simply to assist us in transitions. Some come with certain jobs they wish to carry out such as performance, psychologist or healer. They often pick people who will honor their talents by allow them to pursue their interests.

One woman was happily surprised when she came for her reading on two cats (one alive and one passed away) and found me with six pages of notes. I had not met the cats in person yet the notes were accurate. This is because the animals speak in realms beyond the physical. They send feelings, pictures and words. From dolphins I have learned how to remain in a state of continuous spacious joy, experiencing emotions and thoughts as light and sound passing through. The dolphins have removed much judgment from me.

A cat named Shera taught me how to address physical discomfort through being fully present, thus healing in an accelerated time frame. I use the lessons that animals bring with clients.

A cat named was heartbroken because her dog friend died. She was grieving for 4 years. After my, visit her person said that she was full and happy again. This was because I validated her emotions, like I do with people as a therapist, but did it in animal language. Plus I offered her unconditional care, what the animals offer me.

The Yellow Peace Moth

I was about to give a public talk and felt nervous. A beautiful, yellow-winged moth landed near me.

"Are you here to speak with me?" I asked.

"Yes, I come to assist."

"What do you wish for me to know?"

"Information you impart during your talk is SECONDARY. It is good for people to learn ten steps to guaranteed happiness and success but that is not your PRIMARY purpose. You are called to give this talk to bring peace. Stand in the vibration of unconditional peace and so too will the audience."

With gratitude I agreed. The moth and I arranged to be in each other's hearts throughout the talk. As I spoke, I was peace. Afterwards, I was sure that my entire life had been used well, that I had made all the right decisions that everything was in perfect order, place and time. I was doing exactly what I agreed to do on earth. This was a huge relief for me, having been full of goals. I remembered my primary purpose is to BE love, peace & joy. Doing this as best I can is success. My moth Beloved, working in harmony with other ascended masters, taught me.

Several minutes later she flew to me, landing on my arm! We looked at each other in great love and awe. The little eyes were precious.

"Thank you, my Love,” said my friend, yellow-winged moth to me."
"Thank you, my Love," I said to moth. She took me to profound, reverent, universal love.

Two bugs appeared. Off flew the three.

I was taken to peace that changed me, unconditional peace.

Hu Huuu!

After learning and reciting mantras from many different religions I noticed that "hu" was a common one. Though so, I did not feel a personal relationship with “hu.”

One day, I was visiting Dove Spirit and his family in their aviary- house. I turned to them and said out loud "thank you for welcoming me and allowing me to be in your presence during this very sacred and special time of the baby." Spirit, incredible saint and father was nurturing his baby hour after hour. His favorite things to do are to have babies and father them. Spirit and his marriage partner, Fragrenca, who flew closer to me when she heard this, both bowed and said "hu huuu" many times. I was deeply touched.

Later that day I was with Spirit’s older son, Dove Jonah. Jonah bowed and Hu Huud to many a being (even an inanimate object). I laughed with delight at how unconditional his love is for everyone and everything! I just love him.

Now, I like to walk around my house bowing, Hu Huuing and recalling Jonah. I find I am over taken by laughter and overwhelming bliss. I see flashes of white light. Love surges through my heart while I hear music and laughter in the air. Jonah is a great master who reminds of Jesus and Buddha combined. Jessie Justin Joy, my feline does also and encourages me to hu huu by running to my side and purring when I chant.

I would recommend the hu huuu chant to anyone who values joy and laughter!" Remember to shout your love to the world when you do this chant. That is the intention of hu huu!

Animals are Divine Masters &
Friends who Speak the Heart’s Language

People are surprised that my animal readings are so accurate. I credit the animals. They make it easy by using the language of the heart. When I was hiking in the woods alone I came across a stranger and felt fear. Two dogs came running to me. One escorted me on each side until my hike was through. I called the phone number on their tags. Their person was amazed that they wandered so far. They were devoted servants who chose to protect a stranger.

When I felt like I had no more to give two Mallards approached my car at Nob Hill Grocery, lifting me into trust, telling me I am never alone.

When I was complaining dragon flies danced round me as the Red Tail Hawk flew a few feet above me lifting my heart into eternal liberation.

When I almost gave up on having a business that worked financially, the ravens appeared and gave me advice. Thanks to the ravens, money flows abundantly and easily to me now.

My cat and the whale taught me oneness. My cat and the humming birds taught me unconditional joy. Wherever I meditated, Joyaya, my hummingbird friend found me and positioned herself in the air, inches from my face. My cat agreed to treat her like a friend although ordinarily he is a hunter.

My number one guide is Jessie Justin joy the cat who has taught me unconditional joy, the endless magic of the universe and how to be patient and compassionate. Ask your animal companions and wildlife to enter your heart and miracles will find you!

Dr. Laurie Moore also publishes her writings on animals in Species Link, Paws and Claws and The Connection Magazine.  Listen to her tell her stories on Kindred Spirits radio show.

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