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Felines in devotion to Father-Sun and Mother-Earth Are Leading Humans’ into the Light Body Dimensions


There is a way of experiencing life in which a person will identify her/himself to be light itself.  Jesus said, “Be still and see.  I am the father-mother and the father-mother lives in me.”  These words strike a chord so deep in my heart that they bring me to tears of love and devotion to the sun.  They bring me to my knees in gratitude.  I am overflowing with thanks in my heart to Creator and Creation.


As I sat with my feline, Jessie Justin Joy, facing the sun, I return to a place of complete stillness inside myself.  From this place, three days of griping and complaining is transformed into light.  Deep in the core of my light body which I find through all my charkas melting into ONE heart, I am forgiveness.  I see all beings around me as myself.  I can only love.  I need no reason to forgive or love.  I simply am forgiving and I am love.  My choice is to extend this to all who come before me: the dream I have co-created.


It is not a coincidence that I was beneath the sun and next to a feline as I felt this place.  In presence of the sun and my cat teacher, I remembered it is a choice to be still, to be love, and to be light each moment.  The cats are diligently and devotedly remembering the realities of light and oneness back into existence.  I wish to share the view points of Jessie Justin Joy, Sno, Shera and Anonymous Big Cat who have created a study program for me on this matter.


All of the cats find themselves to be part of an intricate web.  As well as being individuals they are star lights that send and receive light back and forth from each other in an intricate web all over the planet.  Words are also used.  The words melt into the waves of gratitude and love in which the cats share the light.  For the cats, all life is a dream.  In what we call a waking state they are interacting with the flow of energy that moves through life…slow, fast, large, small, little,  big, fast slow.  This is delightful!  Cat’s are in Buddha states in which they both witness and fill every little ripple of life with great sensitivity.


Cat’s are their light bodies and their 3D bodies are simply costumes they use in which to play and express their essence.  When a cat is in what we call a sleep state s/he is actually fully conscious, highly alert of all that is going on around her/him.  In fact, the cat IS all that is going on around her/him.  As humans allow ourselves to remember that we, too, are light bodies and we are really all that is, this will be understood.  This can be understood through sensation and feeling.  The feelings I refer to are not an emotional nature although emotional states may pass through these bigger feelings.  These bigger feelings are energies of gratitude, devotion and unconditional love.  While cat’s sleep, their consciousness both rests and remains aware of all that is in their vicinity in the 3D (emotional/physical) and also remain in a sate of actually being light.


Humans will soon discover that we too are light.  Our personality/bodies are actually costumes we chose for the sake of particular service  to be offered , lessons to be learned and gifts to be received.  In the final reality, all is love and we are loved and loving in all circumstances.  All other states are forgetfulness.


Sometimes, a cat will exist one place in the 3D and also exist as a care taker of a sacred sight elsewhere.  Shera is living in San Diego at Paws and Claws Sanctuary and also in a sleep state on top of a sacred Pyramid in another realm.  Sno also lives at Paws and Claws Sanctuary but helps me with my studies by visiting in the light realm in Santa Cruz, miles away.  In reality, there is no distance.  Anonymous Big Cat shows up frequently for my studies but has not revealed her 3d where abouts.  Perhaps one of you knows her.  She is another master teacher.  She is big in body and big as the sun itself….radiating out a huge light in all directions.


A human can misunderstand a cat when a human is in an emotional realm.  I thought my cat was cold but he told me he was simply sleeping.  I thought he had a physical imbalance but he shared that he was assisting in bringing in new waves of energy that had come through the portals that opened up.


I am making a choice to be still and see in all situations as of today.  I have learned there is no reason not to love and no need for a reason to love.  In my light body I remember that all people are the lovers and beloveds and only the light is.


 To close, I ask Jessie Justin Joy f he has more to share.  His love is so pure and devotional that it takes me into surrender to love.  Although my eyes have been trained to see him as a solid being his experience of self is fluid ways of energy.  and a bright light permeating outward into all that is.  Jessie Justin Joy says, “trust each person to come to this awareness sin his/her own time,” and so I share this experience.  Those who have shared theirs have helped me to trust mine.  Thank you Cat teachers.


Dr. Laurie Moore

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