Animal Communication



Many animals work with ascended masters.  Many are ascended masters, on earth by choice to assist with moving the planet into the 5th unconditional-love realm (dolphins are masters of this) and the 12th oneness-ealm (whales are masters of this).  Domestic animals, many of whom are in continuous contact with the dolphins and whales, are your guides to these places!  At this delightful time in history, three door way portals have opened, allowing people to enter Lemurian realms of unconditional bliss, happiness and joy.  On this planet you will be encountering instant enlightenment awakenings.  If you choose, your life will be a daily event of awakenings.  It is your choice.  The animals are here to help.


While people were thrown and hurt by the tsunami water, many animals went to the highlands.  A major networking of info occurred among animals, who still listen to the messages of sun, earth, water and air and knew where to go.


Some people will choose to continue to study the dark.  One who goes to the therapist to study the dark will create incredible depths of dark.  One who goes to the therapist to study the light will ascend!  The time is now for all who choose.  The days of the few- selected have past.


As we create our intentions and choose where to put our consciousness, the planet will reflect mass experiences of light are dark.  The ascended masters put this power in our hands.  The intergalactic council of light meetings, which involve beings from all types’ of realms, meets eternally to choose the unconditional love, light and bliss realms.  Your animal friends encourage you and invite you to participate.  Trees sing of this reality.  It is time to remember and let the deception of logic that has plagued humanity for many centuries melt.


If five people look at a vase of flowers from different angles, each will see a different picture.  Why to you call this subjective instead of objective? If you each take a photograph with the best of equipment you will still have different picture.  Why argue about who is right or wrong!  It is all right.  Each person is here in his or her birthright to have an experience.  Religions and political parties are tactics toward happiness and not to be confused with football games.  Many experiences can exist as true, simultaneously.  Animals accept this, are at peace with this and live in peace with this.  We have enlightened role models all around us!  For enlightenment and happiness, consult your dog, bird, bunny, horse, cat or other beloved animal friend!


If an animal in your life is experiencing a challenge, there is disharmony somewhere in your consciousness.  You are not bad or wrong, sweet ones.  You are blessed with an opportunity to expand into greater light and wholeness!  As you notice your animal’s trouble and assist your animal in returning to harmony, know that our animal is doing you a great service.  Your animal is assisting you in returning to your full potential.


When an animal is having discomfort with the physical body, the emotional body or with others, there is something profound for you to learn.  Great news: what is being asked of you to learn is LOVE.  Cast off all costumes of dark-analysis for they are not given to you or put upon you.  They are merely third dimensional projections of your own mind.  When you learn to listen to your animal friend, who speaks through the heart, soul and infinite rather than the confines of the intellect, this “concept” shall become something you feel, witness and experience.  “Come play in the bliss, my friends,” the dolphins say.

“Be the joy,” says Jessie Justin Joy, my feline Teacher.


 Dr. Laurie Moore

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