Addressing Jealousy and Envy

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As a therapist, intuitive and animal intuitive I often encounter clients who are dealing with jealousy.  Here are some tips on how to transform jealousy into productivity and love.


1.  When you feel jealous of another, be grateful that they are a role model for what you desire.  Be happy for them and ask the universe to bring you the gifts they are delighting in.  This simple focusing the mind is the highway back to happiness and success.


2.  Be grateful that the universe has brought to your attention, a need for improvement.  Jealousy is simply a reminder that you can experience, give, receive or be something beyond your current experience.


3.  Be happy that you are alive and well.  Jealousy is a natural feeling in the human experience.  Realize this feeling is to be expected at times.  When jealousy arrives, view it as an invitation to deeper well being.


4.  Be honest with yourself.  When you are feeling jealous, know that acknowledging the jealousy will lead to new doors opening.  Allow yourself to feel it as a sensation in the body.  Forgive it!  When witnessed, experienced and acknowledged, jealousy shall pass.  Only when we pretend it is not there, we cause great pain for ourselves and others.


5.  Notice that jealousy is only a feeling attached to a thought that someone else’s conditions or more desirable than your own.  You are not your jealousy.  You are a vast expression of life and love with jealousy being a fleeting experience, designed to assist you, in your growth back into wholeness.



I often use channeling to assist people in dealing with jealousy and envy.  Channeled

information can help people to see the gift and learning experience being offered when jealousy appears.



Vikki Anderson, monthly interview for May at is a multi-modality skilled healer who uses many methods.  She can assist people suffering with jealousy to better understand their desires.  She can assist people in becoming more empowered so that jealousy is replaced with self confidence.


Wendy Marks, a medical intuitive who is featured for the May modality interview at  can also help with jealousy.  Each emotional discomfort has a corresponding physical imbalance.  Wendy Marks job is to locate physical imbalance in the body so that it can be addressed and healed.  When we heal ourselves physically, our emotions are apt to take on a corresponding change.


Cindy Matyi is an artist whose paintings have brought people great joy and also helped people to recover from personal tragedy.  Featured as the product Interview in  for May 2005, her paintings bring healing gifts.  A painting filled wither vibrational intent can assist you with re-harmonizing your heart form jealousy to peace and joy.



Remember, you can choose to be happy in all circumstances.  When you feel jealousy notice there is also a deeper place in your heart that is in eternal wholeness…seek out this place like someone seeking out a lost tent in the woods with a flashlight.  It is always there.


 Dr. Laurie Moore

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