13th Realm Comes to Humanity


At last the humans are experiencing what many animals have already known and waited patiently for us to remember.


While driving my car I noticed that I was only love.  That the skin and muscles I wore were love and that I was not me Laurie…that me Laurie is a set of concepts and ideas and fragments of energies from many individual and soul group life times and people and that all that is really happening is that the creator is Loving Herself.  I got home and went to water the plants and found that I was so loved…no where to hide from this big pulsing love as sun met earth at sundown.  Everything engulfed me in love and I loved back as a call forward from a call pulling.  The earth was loving forever even though she has hurts and wounds she said come home to gently love us...  and the cats…you know they may just be the most intelligent life form because I know quite a number of enlightened cats who pose to have emotional or physical troubles but they are existing in our enlightenment and only hold us (their peoples’) unfinished business in their bodies to mirror us in devotion until we come home.  We are all perfect as the cats know.  You see it is all forgiven.  I was outside and noticed the air and the water and me and the tree we are all one in curves and motion … The Creator is in Love with herself and we are of that.  It is not the other way around.  All our inventions are so sweet but in comparison empty to the VAST love the creator LOVES HERSELF.  It is in my hands and belly now.  I love you.  You love me.  That’s all that is.  Come be forgiven as you always were.  Release any and all resentments and angers for all, forever, for yourself, and remember you are the Creator Loving herself in motion…each drop is a miracle.  The plants are in gratitude offering Divine sent and in love you will notice Divine Scents and music everywhere…in all the air!!!!!!!  See the crystals.  Ask for what you REALLY want and it is all created.  (No drugs are needed for this...it is free for the asking...enlightened states and being are now free for the portal door to the 13th realm has opened and Brahama beats the earth drum here in Heaven)...LOVE IS ALL and so you are that.


Now here is the answer to: what is a person or animal or nature aspect? Each is a dream of intention and each is surrounded by the music, scent and heart desires of his/her dream.  It's so simple and so beautiful.


Each person or group or concept you ever resented holds a loving intention which was meant only to correct disharmony.  Perhaps their attempt did not help you but forgive for the original LOVE was the source of the intention.


 Dr. Laurie Moore

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