Solutions to Energy Depletion In Relationship

Dear Dr. Laurie Moore,

When I lived alone I had abundant energy. Now that I live with my partner I am tired a lot? What is causing this?


Feeling tired can be caused by a number of different factors. Before addressing emotional and mental causes you must rule out possible physical causes by speaking with a medical doctor and a nutritionist. If you have addressed your physical well being and are still experience an excess of tired moods you can look at the following.

1) Are you being honest and authentic with your emotions? When you allow yourself to feel you allow your energy to flow. When you attempt to push emotions away you are likely to become tired and depressed.

2) Are you on overdrive? Are household and relationship responsibilities being shared or are you doing more than your share of the work? It may be time to balance things out.

3) Are you communicating openly to your partner or are you hiding something? Hiding anything can cause tiredness.

4) Are you happy about the relationship? Make sure you truly wish to be in this relationship.

5) Are you happy with our career and social life? Your tiredness may be related to your life as an individual more than to your partner.

6) Are you having fun? Do you need to add more fun into your life?

7) Are you laughing enough? You may need to add more humor to your life.

8) Are you focusing on what you have to appreciate?

By turning attention to all the qualities you appreciate in your partner, yourself, your relationship, and your life you will create more energy.

Dr. Laurie Moore

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